Deepwater Bay Regatta 2013

Sunday 12th May saw Stormys return to Deepwater Bay for the Deepwater Bay Regatta, hosted by the Victoria Recreation Club. It was an exciting day with some great results and a little heartache.

Our mens team, of which nearly half the squad are first year paddlers, won the plate final after narrowly missing out on making the cup final. May I point out that we won that plate final with two girls in the boat! Never underestimate Stormys women!

Our ladies made the final, again with a large contingent of newbies who did brilliantly for only their second racing event.

Our mixed team. Well, after winning their heat, and their semi final, convincingly… Things went slightly wrong. A huge wave came across the boat, and it literally filled up with water. A dragon boat can hold hundreds of liters of water, and each one of those liters is an extra kilogram in weight. The team bought the boat home, and the real miracle is they managed to keep it stable enough so it didn’t capsize. It’s good resistance training though!

The day was finished off with awards, beer, champagne, and most importantly, 3 roasted pigs!

Lamma 500, 2013 – Race details and pictures

Yesterday (sunday 5th) marked our return to Power Station Beach on Lamma Island for the Lamma 500.

We took with us a lot of new paddlers, many of whom had never participated in a 500m race. They did brilliantly.

Results for the day:

1000m Ladies – 2nd
1000m Mixed – 1st
500m Open (mens) – 3rd in the plate competition.

Here are some pictures from the day. There are more on our facebook page!

And by the way, we are always looking for new paddlers. We train hard. We race hard. And we play hard. And we really are quite a nice eclectic bunch of people. So what are you waiting for. Send us an email!