Hong Kong Dragon Boat Championships – Stormys run off with the trophies

Stormy Dragons got off to a staggering start for the first day of the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Championships, which were also the qualifying races for next year’s CCWC in Italy.

All the races were 500m. The results:

Mixed standard boat
Open mini boat
Ladies mini boat
Mixed mini boat
Mixed Over 40 mini boat

Open Over 40 mini boat

Some of our paddlers ended up wearing 5 medals. No reports yet of neck strain.

Tomorrow sees us compete in the 200m and 2km races. Simply put, we want more bling. And then we want beer.

Stormy Dragons sweep the Stanley Long Distance Races

Yesterday was a day that The Stormy Dragons will forever be proud of.

We entered two competitions, the open 4.5K and the mixed 2.5K. We not only won them but:

  • Our open team consisted of 7 women and 11 men versus all male boats yet we won by a considerable margin of minutes
  • Our mixed team (8 women, 10 men) in the 2.5K was faster than the all-male teams

Here are the original time sheets which will leave you in no doubt as to why we are so happy with the results.

2.5K Results

2.5K Results

4.5K Results

4.5K Results

If you are feeling brave, you can watch all 21 minutes of our first 4.5K here! Live the Stormys chug!

At the end was a tug of war. We’d never tried this before. The final was to be the best out of three matches. There were only two…..

Final – Match One

Final – Match Two

All in all it was a wonderful day for Stormies. Bring on the CCWC qualifiers at the end of the month!

Well done to the team and as always, a big thank you to our coach, Bill.