The Coastal Relay

This was our first time taking the Outrigger out for the Coastal Relay, a 4 leg race organised by the Victoria Recreation Club, covering a total of 31km.

The idea is to have two outrigger crews. First the boat does two sprints from Shek O Beach, round a course and back again, with each crew doing one sprint. Then the first crew jumps back in at Shek O and paddles to Stanley. The second crew goes by road to Stanley and jumps in the boat at Stanley Main Beach and finishes the race at Deepwater Bay. We were short two of people so  a couple of us did three legs.

The crews performed brilliantly. We were the first 6 seater to make it to Deepwater Bay!

As always the VRC put on a great BBQ so we could all get a decent refuel.

You can see the start of the race right here:


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