2016 Sponsors, oh how lucky we are…

As with most paddling clubs, we survive solely because of the commitment of our crew and the generosity of our sponsors. This year we have once again been lucky enough to be sponsored by a number of amazing companies…



BGC Partners has been a long-term member of our support crew. Being with us since 2007, they’ve been around to watch us grow as a team, helping us fund boat maintenance, race entry, and numerous other essential aspects of the club (it’s not just about showing up ready to paddle folks). Their sponsorship has played a massive role in our success… and to think, they do all of this while offering more than 200 financial products to numerous banks and financial institutions in the city, which you can read more about on their website. So between their skills in the finance world and their unwavering support of the Stormy Dragons, they are most certainly one of our favorite brokerage firms in HK!


Being in their second year with us, Hubbis has officially caught Stormy fever! As a wealth management firm focused on commercial industries and individuals across Asia, they understand the value of concentrating their skills and knowledge into training and development resources for their clients… a value that’s mimicked by the veteran paddlers, coaches, and captains on our team when working with new teammates and beginner paddlers. More information about their products and and events can be found on their website.On Time Express Ltd_Logo


We also have two brand new sponsors for the 2016 season: OnTime Group and T3EX Group. Being two of the leading logistics companies in HK, OnTime Group and T3EX Group strive to provide top quality international freight, supply chain management, and logistical support. And anyone that’s ever tried to wrangle an entire team of paddlers to and from an event understands the need for strong logistical support! Check out more about these two great companies on their websites (OnTime and T3EX). We’re so pleased to have them as part of our Stormy’s support crew!


If you’ve been in HK for any length of time, then you have most certainly been to Stormies. Being located in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, Stormies has established themselves as an institution in the HK bar scene, complete with syringe jello shots and the music we all love to sing and dance to. Run by the Cafe Deco Group, Stormies also offers some amazing eats for lunch and dinner as well (not to mention a number of late night nibbles). They’ve been with us from the beginning, being the first sponsor of the original Stormy Women back in 2006. Check out their website and their Facebook page to see what all the fuss is about… and don’t forget to take a peek at the framed red shirt up on the second floor!!

So as you can tell we’re starting off the year with an amazing foundation. With a little luck, a LOT of training, and the support of our sponsors, the Stormy Dragons are ready to take on the 2016 paddling season! See you on the water!


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