Shatin: A Stormy Exhibition Race

April 10th, 2016

Being hosted the same weekend as the Rugby Sevens (as well as conflicting with a lot of paddlers being out of town), we found ourselves racing in the 59th Samsung Dragon Boat Competition in Shatin with only 18 paddlers, entering both women and mixed mini boat teams. Unfortunately calling this a “stormy” race day rang very true when the races were delayed several hours due to an Amber Storm warning, resulting in the semifinal and repechage heats being cancelled. Thus, the teams going to the grand final were based solely on their time in their first heat. (No pressure or anything!) Once the rain cleared, the mixed boat kicked things off taking second place in a tough heat with a time of 57.02, which was enough to qualify for the grand finals. The ladies boat followed suit in their heat with a solid chug that moved them from last to second place across the finish line. The grand finals for both boats proved to be extremely competitive, with the ladies boat finishing fourth and the mixed boat finishing fifth. Notably, both teams shaved a significant amount off their race times in the finals compared to their first heat. Overall the team walked away from the races proud and ready for the 2016 dragon boat race season to get underway!


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