Boracay, Philippines: The Away Team

April 21st – 23rd, 2016

Ah Boracay… the land of sun, sea, San Miguel, and the 10th Annual Boracay International Dragon Boat Races. As the Stormys “away team” (with the “home team” racing back in Hong Kong), we found ourselves paddling in paradise for the 8th time in 10 years, using Thursday as a training day to get accustomed to the boats and water conditions followed by two intense days of racing (including both 500m and 250m events). To say the competition was fierce would be an understatement. But our team did not disappoint, medaling in 9 of the 11 events we were entered in…


  • 500m – Women’s small boat
  • 500m – Mixed masters small boat
  • 500m – Men’s small boat
  • 500m – International mixed standard boat
  • 250m – Women’s small boat
  • 250m – Mixed masters small boat


  • 500m – Woman’s standard Boat
  • 250m – International masters mixed Standard


  • 250M – Woman’s standard boat

It’s difficult to describe the levels of excitement and anticipation during each event, with each paddler racing in multiple races throughout the day. It is also near impossible to explain the amount of comradery, laughter, and exhaustion experienced by all… and we are certainly not going to try and count the number of mango daiquiris consumed!

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and this sentiment has never been more true…

Stormys Boracay 2016 copy

The Stormys “away team” left Boracay with our heads high, harboring a deep respect for the organizers as well as the other teams that competed. Check out the video below for a fantastic recap of the entire event. We’ll see you next year Boracay!

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