South Eagle Invitational: The Home Team

April 24th, 2016

With some of the BGC Stormy Dragon family off paddling as the “away team” in Boracay, the “home team” took on some tough competition in the South Eagle Invitational hosted in Deep Water Bay. Per usual, the weather in Hong Kong was unpredictable, leaving us marooned under the marquee at various intervals during the day.

IMG_6048 IMG_6062

But the weather certainly didn’t discourage us when it came to racing, with our mixed mini boat taking first place in our first heat of the day. This was followed by some race video analysis by our coaches Cheryl and Darren Fender, ladies captain Vicki Easton, and our drummer Michelle Teasel in Boracay.


After a little reprieve from the rain (and a bit of fun with the sweetest Stormys fan), we took second in the semi finals, securing a chance to compete in the Gold Cup Finals.


The day was rounded out with a hard fought fourth place finish in the mixed Gold Cup Finals and a trophy for the “home team”. Click here to see some video footage of the final race highlighting our photo finish (we’re in the closest lane… in the red shirts, obviously).

Whether home or away, rain or shine, the BGC Stormy Dragons certainly had an amazing weekend of paddling with some results to be proud of! Paddles up!


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