KPMG Lamma 500m & 1K 2016

May 1st, 2016

Taking place just a short week after we were paddling in the Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival and the Deep Water Bay South Eagle Invitational, the BGC Stormy Dragons were primed and ready for the KPMG Lamma 500m and 1K races in the Womens and Mixed standard boat categories.

Ladies prep copy

As a club we’re known for our love of long distances pieces, and the Lamma 500m and 1K courses are ideal for putting our training to the test.

The Stormy women came out of the gate strong in their first 500m heat, coming second to one of our main competitors at the event: RHKYC. The ladies remedied this with a first place finish in their second heat, placing them in the Womens Cup Final. This was followed by a STUNNING first place 1K race in which we not only passed the boat in the position before us in the rolling start, but also beat most of the mixed teams in terms of time (sub 5 minutes)!! In the 500m Final, we paddled a solid race, coming second again to the RHKYC who pinched the gold just before the finish line. This event also saw a number of new women in the boat stepping up for their Stormy debut! What a day ladies!

ladies trophy

The Mixed crew followed suit, and in our first 500m we battled VRC for the length of the course, ending in second place by less than half a second. We went into the second heat focused and trusting the chug, which resulted in a finishing time of 2 minutes 10.56 seconds… The fastest overall for the second round of Mixed teams! Not surprisingly, the 1K (oh how we love it!) gave us another opportunity to show the competition that long distance training pays off. With a solid chug, this first place finish got us all into the right mindset going into the Mixed Cup Final.

While the entire crew was excited about our times from the second heat and the 1K, they paled in comparison to the performance in the Mixed Cup Final! We paddle one of the best races of the season, shooting out of the start and settling into a strong chug. With a final time of 2 minutes 6.84 seconds (THE BEST MIXED TIME OF THE DAY), to say we crossed the line with smiles on our faces would be an understatement (particularly for the 4 Stormy women that competed in all 8 of the women and mixed races over the course of the day). Notably, this is only the second time the team has taken home the gold in this event in the last 10 years!

Mixed trophy

After such a great day of racing, the team was ready to celebrate on the junk boat back to HK island, complete with plenty of photo ops with the trophies and other shenanigans!

Lamma collage copy

Click here to check out all of the final race results along with the recap video below.

With 4 gold and 1 silver trophy in our hands leaving Lamma, Stormys is heading into the Sun Life Stanley Race Series with their game faces on! Are you ready??

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