First Stanley race of the year – The Warm Up

Yesterday was the first of four visits we will make to Stanley this year for Dragon Boat racing. The 250m warm up race.

This year we only entered a men mini boat (10 man boat).

We had a fantastic start to the day with the 2nd fastest time in the heats which sent us straight to the cup final. We came second, snagging the silver medal.

You can see our performance in the final right here. We got it on video!


The Coastal Relay

This was our first time taking the Outrigger out for the Coastal Relay, a 4 leg race organised by the Victoria Recreation Club, covering a total of 31km.

The idea is to have two outrigger crews. First the boat does two sprints from Shek O Beach, round a course and back again, with each crew doing one sprint. Then the first crew jumps back in at Shek O and paddles to Stanley. The second crew goes by road to Stanley and jumps in the boat at Stanley Main Beach and finishes the race at Deepwater Bay. We were short two of people so  a couple of us did three legs.

The crews performed brilliantly. We were the first 6 seater to make it to Deepwater Bay!

As always the VRC put on a great BBQ so we could all get a decent refuel.

You can see the start of the race right here:


Watch the IDBF Club Crews World Championships LIVE!

The Stormy Dragons team is on the move to Italy. The first few are flying today. The rest fly tomorrow.

We know you want to keep up with our progress, and you will be able to!

We will post regular updates to our twitter account, @stormydragons, and on our Facebook page.

But even better than that. You can watch us race. LIVE!

Just go to this page on our site, or click the link in the sidebar on the right hand side of the web site. We will send out tweets and Facebook updates so you know when we are racing. We will even work out the time difference for you!!!

Deepwater Bay – paddling, precipitation, and pig.

After yesterday’s 200m races, 500m suddenly seemed a long way!

The conditions were very rough. Boat crew limits dropped to 18, then 16, then 14. Many boats capsized. Luckily not us.

Our women performed magnificently. They changed boats on the dock from the Mixed final – all other boat crews were fresh – but still won convincingly. Let them tell you themselves:

Our Mixed crew had an awesome battle in the first heat with Lantau Boat Club, coming second, and finding themselves in a battle with a fully loaded VRC team and the HK National team. Third place was not enough to make the Grand final, even though our times were faster than some of the boats who had an easier path. We competed in the plate final and won with a good time.

Our men had four races, and it was a great opportunity for some of the newer members of the team to get some competitive race experience. We made second place in the plate final. A great team performance.

As soon as the races stopped, the skies opened, and the rain fell upon us. That made collecting medals a very wet affair.

Our women remain the true heroes. Not only did they add to our gold tally, but as champions, they won us a pig. A very big pig. We would have photographed it but it did not last very long.