Bless the Boats, Wake the Dragons the season is upon us!


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Its that time of year again and it comes around quickly. The annual Dragonboat Boat Blessing and we have ours this coming Saturday. Many clubs across Hong Kong are doing their boat blessings at the moment. RHKYC and Typhoons held one … Continue reading

You know you’re a paddler when…

Paddlers, we’re a funny ole bunch. We use a language that only a paddler would know, love and understand. Stormys have collated a list of 24 phrases that we hope give you all a giggle, tell us your favourites!

You know you’re a paddler when…  

  1. You have no shame in getting naked in a car park or on the beach full of other paddlers after your done on the water!
  2. When you know the difference between paddling and rowing
  3. When You’re kitchen is overrun with large heavy duty zip lock bags
  4. When you plan your day around your paddling!
  5. When you sign off on emails with “paddles up!” even when you’re not talking about paddling
  6. Your bathtub is used to wash and dry paddling gear
  7. The tops of your hands have the paddlers tan. Dark to the knuckles, white to the nails
  8. You spend more time in wet clothes than dry
  9. After a meeting at work, you form a line outside the boardroom and high-five everyone as they file out
  10. When stopped at an intersection, you see a car creeping over the solid white line and yell, “man in the red Ford back it down or you’re disqualified!”
  11. You have calluses on your ass and palms the size of quarters
  12. When running with your friends to catch the last train home from work, you yell “going in 5…4…3…2…1”
  13. You know what a heart attack feels like already
  14. You argue with a 90 year old lady who is sitting in the middle of the bus, claiming that you always sit in the ‘engine room’
  15. After a bout of lovemaking with your significant other, you say ‘let it run’
  16. When at a restaurant with non-paddle friends who say they are full you want to say out loud “Finish it”
  17. You’ve finally found something that smells worse than your gym bag…PADDLING SHOES!
  18. You shuffle passengers around in your car because it feels “left-heavy”
  19. You attend a business presentation given by one of your colleagues, and you can’t resist the urge to turn and yell everything said so that those in the back can also hear
  20. You drive your car with half your body hanging out the driver’s side window
  21. Instead of asking for a “quickie” you ask for a “3 minute piece at 95%”
  22. You can’t drive your car unless someone sits behind you and yells instructions
  23. You don’t cancel paddling just because it is raining – it’s a watersport we train in the rain!
  24. WTF – Where’s the Finish?

Stormy Dragons are back on the water and can’t wait for the first race of the 2018 season!

3 Reasons you should paddle in 2018…

1) It is the ULTIMATE team sport
No other sport in the world asks 20 paddlers to do the exact same thing at the exact same time to achieve success. It makes training for this sport interesting and all about how the team comes together for the same shared goal. Then when we finish racing we party with all the other teams, it’s especially fun in Hong Kong because no one needs to tow boats to races or drive back from them because we all live so close and taxi’s are cheap and plentiful. There really is no excuse not to take part!

2) Get a FULL body workout
An average one hour training session can burn anywhere between 500-800 calories. Many automatically think this is an arm sport – it really isn’t you work everything – Back, Shoulders, Legs and Core. It is unlike any sport you will have ever done and do not be put off after your first go – it will feel strange and muscles will ache that you didn’t know you had! It also has a plus side of giving purpose to your usual gym workouts.

3) A great way to make FRIENDS
Clubs generally have anywhere between 25-80 members so it’s an easy way to mix quickly with many nationalities and professions. You will find that this sport will open many doors to establishing great memories of your time in Hong Kong.

Fun in the Sun in Boracay!

We have 3 training sessions a week that you can attend;

Tuesday 8:00-9:00pm in the gym in Pok Fu Lam
Thursdays 7:30-9pm and Saturdays 8:30-10:30am on the water at Tai Tam Tuk

Contact: and on Facebook

About the Author:
Vicki Easton is our coach for 2018. She moved to Hong Kong in 2011 from Abu Dhabi and has been paddling for 7 years. She represented Great Britain in 2015 at the World Dragonboat Championships in Canada and in 2017 in China where she Co Captained and collected a World Bronze Medal with the Premier Women over 200m alongside fellow Stormy women, Vanessa Watts (who heads up our Outrigger section), Vicky Huffey (Women’s Captain) and Michelle Teasel our Drummer and this year our money chick (aka Treasurer)!